Helping my clients is the reason I get up in the morning and I’m happy to be able to work with them to improve their mental health. I use a variety of evidence based therapeutic techniques to help each individual based on their unique life experiences and vicious cycles they have unintentionally become stuck in.
I always try to apply a compassionate approach to therapy sessions with the understanding that we are all doing our best but sometimes those things we do to try to feel better dont benefit us in the long term. 
I am grateful for the testimonials some of my previous clients have kindly submitted to share with you.

I realised throughout my life I have regularly experienced emotional rollercoasters that would leave me feeling depressed, in despair with low self-esteem and confidence. With the recent passing of my beautiful mother and Isolation during Covid, these feelings exacerbated.
CBT with a self-compassion approach was recommended to me and it’s had a real positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing. 
Gemma, my therapist, was highly skilled in enabling me to understand how my thoughts and feelings had created unhelpful responses and how I could use practical techniques to change my thought patterns over time. Her approach is always solutions focused so that I could clearly evidence my progress and identify what else I needed going forwards. At the end of the sessions, I have put many strategies into action with successful results knowing that when I do have difficult thoughts and feelings, I now have a kinder way to process and respond to them. I would highly recommend Gemma for her warm, empathetic and focused approach

Suzanne, Essex

Healthy, happy and engaged staff help our business thrive. That's why we consider mental health an important part of our 'healthy at work' program.

We appointed Gemma to give an introduction to stress management and mindfulness to our staff. This helped them to identify stress and empowered them with techniques to deal with it before it becomes a problem- which could have led to sickness or reduced productivity.

The course was a great success, extremely well presented and very engaging. Positive comments were received from all those attending, including one below:

'I found the session very helpful in identifying triggers for stress and understanding my reactions to them. I have continued to use the Mindfulness exercises Gemma helped us with. Gemma was encouraging, open and welcoming and I would recommend her to others'.

We loved how Gemma worked with us before and after the session to ensure our expectations were met. She even provided follow- up material to help our staff practice what they had learned.

We will definitely be using her again, highly recommended.

Kevin Grice, Director of Innovation and Engineering, Trace Solutions Ltd.

I saw Gemma for 1:1 sessions of CBT and she was a very good therapist for me. I felt very comfortable and relaxed whilst opening up to her in the session and she was able to be supportive and kind even when I was feeling frustrated with myself about my anxiety.
With every session I felt I was learning more to cope with my anxiety and learnt techniques to help me on a daily basis. I still apply the techniques even though we have finished sessions together. I am very grateful to have met Gemma and she has
helped me to get better and deal with my anxiety and I believe I am a stronger and happier person due to the sessions we had together.

Charlotte, Essex